Nvidia announced a new AI supercomputer platform

Reported to be represented in Israel, England, Japan and Taiwan.

Nvidia chief Jensen Huang says AI is creating a ‘new computing era’ FT

Jensen Huang warned in a speech in Taiwan that the traditional tech industry would not keep pace with AI’s advances, adding that the technology had dramatically lowered the barrier to entry to computer coding.

“We have reached the tipping point of a new computing era,” Huang said on Monday, arguing that AI now enabled individuals to create programmes simply by plugging in commands.

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  • Demand has soared for Nvidia’s data centre chips, including the H100, an advanced graphics processor unit (GPU) that substantially cuts the time required to train so-called large language models such as ChatGPT. 
  • The vast amount of open-source software available online has also provided a fertile training ground for code-generating AI systems.
  • OpenAI’s Codex system, trained partly on open-source software, gives software developers prompts with suggestions of which lines of code to write next.
  • GitHub, a Microsoft service for developers, which harnesses Codex, said the platform had halved the time it took to create new code, a huge leap in efficiency after a decade of largely ineffective efforts to bolster productivity.
  • Huang also announced a new AI supercomputer platform called DGX GH200 to assist tech companies in building generative AI models akin to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Meta, Microsoft and Google Cloud are among the first clients expected to access the supercomputer.

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