NYT Top News 2023-05-22

Start-Ups Bring Silicon Valley Ethos to a Lumbering Military-Industrial Complex

By Eric Lipton

Small, fast-moving U.S. tech firms are using the war in Ukraine to demonstrate a new generation of military systems but face the challenge of selling them to a risk-averse Defense Department.

The U.S. Needs Minerals for Electric Cars. Everyone Else Wants Them Too.

By Ana Swanson

The United States is entering an array of agreements to secure the critical minerals necessary for the energy transition, but it’s not clear which of the arrangements can succeed.

France’s Latest Way to Sound Anger Over Pensions Law: Saucepans

By Constant Méheut

Protesters have been harassing the French government in clanky demonstrations that have gone viral in a country with no shortage of kitchenware.

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