SBI Pension Seva – Check Benefits and Services offered by SBI Pension Seva Portal

The State Bank of India or SBI Pension Seva Portal allows the pensioners of SBI a wide range of services and benefits. Let us take a look at the SBI pension seva portal details in this post.

It is very easy to get SBI pension seva portal registration online. The SBI pension seva is a portal that offers hassle-free way to manage the various pension-related tasks of SBI pensioners and other eligible candidates in India. This article explores the various features related to registration, services advantages etc., of SBI Pension Seva Portal.

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Services Offered by Pension Seva SBI portal

With the help of SBI Pension Seva, the SBI pensioners portal, the users can access various pension related services under one platform. Some of the key services offered by the portal are:

1. Pensioner Profile

The portal can be used by pensioners to update their profile, such as personal details, address, contact details, bank account information, and so on

2. Pension Arrears

The online portal can also be used by pensioners to check their arrears of pension online and to have a all-inclusive view of the arrears

3. Pension Slip

The portal is also a platform from where the pensioners can download and view their pension slips. The pension slip of SBI contains information of monthly pension credited to the account of the pensioner such as pension amount, dearness relief, etc.

4. Life Certificate

The portal is also a platform where the pensioners can submit their life certificate online. This way it limits the need for going to the bank branch to submit SBI life certificate physically

5. SBI Pension Loan

The SBI portal helps pensioners to avail loan facilities. The users can apply for a loan in a hassle-free and convenient way against the SBI pension amount with the help of the portal

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Registration Process on SBI Pension Seva Portal

Pensioners can register them to avail the services of the SBI Pension Seva portal by means of simple SBI pension seva one time registration process to be done online. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the official website of SBI Pension Seva Portal
  • Click the button of ‘New User Registration’ on the homepage of the portal
  • Now, fill the details such as date of birth, pension account number and your registered mobile number
  • Generate your username and password
  • Set profile question for future reference
  • You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Complete the process of verification by submitting the OTP
  • Once the process of registration is done, you can log in to the pension portal with your username and password that you have created

The user can also get the app of SBI pension seva portal downloaded on their mobile phone to access it.

SBI Pension Seva Portal Login Process 

The new SBI Pension Seva Portal is an online platform created to serve the needs of pensioners in India:

Below are the steps to login: 

  1. Go to the official website of SBI Pension Seva Portal
  2. Click on the button of ‘Login’
  3. Enter User ID and Password
  4. Now, submit the Captcha code on the screen
  5. You can access the pension account for various services

Benefits of SBI Pension Seva Portal 

1. Pension Seva Portal SBI

allows the retired employees several benefits which make it easy and hassle-free to manage the pension account. Some of the benefits are mentioned here:

2. Let you access pension details easily

SBI Pension Seva portal allows the retired employees of SBI to access their pension information such as payment details, pension arrears, slips etc. easily without going to the bank

3. Online Life Certificate for pensioners SBI

The SBI pension seva helps pensioners to submit their Life Certificate online. This way the pensioners can save the hassle of going to the bank for physical submission of documents

4. Address grievances

The portal helps in grievance redressal of pensioners. Any issues related to the pension account can be addressed via the Pension Seva SBI portal

5. Pension Payment Enquiry

The pension portal also helps the users to check the status of pension payments such as bank branch, credited amount, pension period etc

6. 24/7 Availability

Pension Seva SBI can be availed by the user round the clock which allow pensioners to access the services without any restriction at their convenience

7. Added facilities

In addition to the above, the SBI pension portal allow access to many other facilities like Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, and EPPO provision etc. for pensioners

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To Conclude

The SBI Pension Seva portal has been a great help for the retired employees of SBI in India. This transparent platform allows people to access information conveniently and help them to manage their account well.

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FAQs: SBI Pension Seva Portal

What documents are needed for creating user ID in Pension Seva?

~ Pension account number
~ Date of Birth
~ Branch code of the branch where you pension
~ Registered email ID

How to check SBI pension online?

~ Log in to
~ Select the tab of ‘Enquiry’ on the primary navigation bar
~ The ‘Pension Slip’ link will be displayed in the left-hand navigation column
~ You can your pension details here

How do I reset the password on the Pension Seva portal of SBI?

You can click on the tab of ‘Forgot Password’ to reset password on SBI Pension Seva and follow the required steps on the portal to get it changed.

Is the Pension Seva portal of SBI secure?

Yes, SBI Pension Seva is a secure platform. The pensioners using the account have to authenticate themselves using their date of birth and the pension account number.

Is Pension Seva SBI available round the clock?

Yes, the SBI Pension Seva services can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere as per the convenience of the consumers.

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