Accidental Government Documents Librarian: Secrecy 101: Classification and Executive Order 13526

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BeSpacific: “No one better has her finger on the pulse of the legal information world than Sabrina Pacifici, law librarian and author of the blog BeSpacific,” writes blogger Robert Ambrogi. “Launched in 2002, BeSpacific is one of the longest-running legal blogs and, remarkably, Sabrina seems more prolific today than ever. She posts multiple items every day, covering the gamut of law, technology and knowledge discovery and topics ranging from cybersecurity to legal research to government regulation to civil liberties to IP and more. For me, BeSpacific is one of my daily must-reads and has been for 14 years straight.”

Expert Institute Award for Best Legal Tech Blog
2016, 2017 and 2018

BeSpacific – 3rd Place

Best Legal Blog 3rd Place

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