Brave cuts ties with Bing to offer its own image and video search results

Brave Blog: “Every image and video result in Brave Search is now served by Brave. Users no longer need to choose between Bing and Google for image and video search. After several months of development, Brave Search is releasing its own privacy-preserving image and video search that is independent from Big Tech search engines. Users will no longer need to leave Brave Search for image and video search results. Now any Brave Search query can be served directly from Brave’s own index, enabling users to benefit from a fully independent search engine that protects their privacy and is censorship-resistant. Our recently released Brave Search API will also imminently include these image/video results. This comes on the heels of removing calls to Bing’s search API for images and videos this past May…Brave Search is 100% private and anonymous, which sets a high bar for image/video search to meet. Whether it’s a matter of personal safety or personal preference, users should be able to discover content without their search engine reporting and profiling those results to a Big Tech company.”

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