Good News, Everyone: Bar Exam Pass Rates Are Officially Up Over Last Year

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We saw small score increases this July for both first-time and repeat test takers, with the greatest increase for those who were repeating the exam.

Rosemary Reshetar, director of assessment and research at the National Conference of Bar Examiners, commenting on the results of the July 2023 administration of the bar exam. The national average score on the MBE portion of the test increased to 140.5 this July from 140.3 last July, hinting that overall pass rates may be up slightly as well. As noted by Reuters, several states have already seen improved pass rates, like West Virginia (up 15 percentage points), Missouri (up 9 percentage points), Florida (up 8 percentage points), Utah (up 8 percentage points), Vermont (up 8 percentage points), and Iowa (up 7 percentage points). Congratulations!

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