Introduction to Passwords

Privacy Guides: “Passwords are an essential part of our everyday digital lives. We use them to protect our accounts, our devices and our secrets. Despite often being the only thing between us and an adversary who’s after our private information, not a lot of thought is put into them, which often leads to people using passwords that can be easily guessed or brute-forced. Best Practices Use unique passwords for every service. Imagine this; you sign up for an account with the same e-mail and password on multiple online services. If one of those service providers is malicious, or their service has a data breach that exposes your password in an unencrypted format, all a bad actor would have to do is try that e-mail and password combination across multiple popular services until they get a hit. It doesn’t matter how strong that one password is, because they already have it. This is called credential stuffing, and it is one of the most common ways that your accounts can be compromised by bad actors. To avoid this, make sure that you never re-use your passwords…”

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