Landlord Law Blog Roundup for June 2023

Here are the posts for June.

Friday 2nd June

Landlord Law Newsround #293

Our first Newsround for June

Monday 5th June

Urban Myth – you can’t have a proper tenancy without a written agreement

I look at how the law stands for tenancies without a written agreement

Friday 9th June

Landlord Law Newsround #294

Our weekly Newsround

Wednesday 14th June

Will legal rules permitting pets in lets mean more dangerous dogs?

Is the allowance of pets into a let home a good idea?

Friday 16th June

Landlord Law Newsround #295

Our look into the weekly housing news

Tuesday 20th June

The problem with the Renters Reform Bill and anti-social tenants

Thoughts on issues with the Renters Reform Bill

Friday 23rd June

Landlord Law Newsround #296

News updates and housing snippets

What are this tenant’s rights regarding her tenancy and future rent increases

A question asked in our Fast Track Blog Clinic this week

Wednesday 28th June

Labour are right to reject proposals for rent control

Rent controls don’t always work for tenants

Friday 30th June

Landlord Law Newsround #297

Our last Newsround for June

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